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Here at jollyodds.com we started primarily as just an online bet calculator site. As time moved on our love of sports betting compelled us to evolve into a site revolving around everything concerned with the magic of maths behind the betting industry.

This doesn’t mean we have taken our eye off the ball when it comes to our calculator’s. No! You will still find the best selection of free bet calculators anywhere on internet right here. It’s just now you will also find great articles concerning the more refined aspect of betting, such as staking plans, odd compiling and betting systems.

Bet calculator

In order not to insult anyone’s intelligence, let’s get straight to the most popular bet calc, the one many of you have come here for. Our multiple bet calculator – covering all the most popular bookmaker exotic bet types and accumulators. With options for each way, rule 4 and dead heats calculations.

Betting returns Calculator

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How our multiple bet calculator works

  • First select the number of selection that are in your bet.
  • Tick the bet type of your bet. Lucky 15, Heinz bet accumulator etc.
  • Now choice the odds format you’re comfortable with. Decimal or fractions.
  • If it’s an each way bet tick the each way box.
  • Now enter all the odds and whether the selection won, placed or lost.
  • Add any extra bet info. Place terms being the most important, but also add any rule 4 or dead heat information.
  • Lastly enter your stake amount and your betting returns and profit will be calculated.

Other bet calculators

Although “betting returns” are the most popular kind of online bet calculator, this is just scratching the surface of what we offer here. Much more can be done to help your chances against the old enemy – The Bookies. And our betting tools will help you do this.

Many users ask us about football bet calculators, horse betting calculators or whichever sport it is they love. Generally speaking most bet calc’s can be used across any sport. Reason being they are used to help with staking plans, converting odds or calculating betting profits. The basic principles behind these calculators are the same for all sports bets and even novelty bet and political betting.

But to take the premise of sports betting calculators one step further we have gone above and beyond anything our competitors offer and have several calculators on odds compiling for individual sports. The current favourites are our football odds compiling calculator and Horse racing forecast bet calculator.

Even our standard bet calculator isn’t the only bet returns calculators we offer. These are just the most widely used bet types across the industry. There are many more obscure bet types (Round Robin, Union jack etc.), and these can be found throughout this site. Either have a quick browse or type the name of the bet in the search bar.

You can also download our excel betting calculator by signing up to our newsletter. Where we will also inform you of any new calculator we have made. Or use our old bet calculator that was made using flash, so you’ll need the plugin to use it.

More than just an online bet calculator site

Not everyone is a betting genius; in fact many people visiting this site will be making their first steps away from mug punter on the journey to punting expert. For that reason we have added betting advice articles covering all punter levels, from bet basics to compiling your own odds.

Betting Basics

No one starts at the top, so there is no shame in needing to know the basics. Although with sports betting this lack of knowledge isn’t always obvious; people tend to use a lot of bravado when discussing their betting selections. Often bluffing they know much more on the subject than they actually do. Why? This is normally down to them not seeing a difference between a knowledge of sports and an insight into betting. But these are in fact two completely different skill sets.

So what if you can spout out ten reasons why your team will be victorious this weekend, or twenty for that matter. It means nothing if you can’t translate that information into betting odds and derive if what’s on offer at the bookies is value. If this sounds a little like you then start working your way through our betting basics articles.

  • Betting Glossary – Something you will refer back to from time to time. Knowing key betting terms and slang is essential to expanding your knowledge.
  • What is? Articles – people are afraid of what they don’t know, and will generally stay away from the unknown. Read our “what is” articles to build your confidence in taking on new bet types
  • Understanding value betting – A fundamental principle that even experienced bettors don’t appreciate the importance of. Getting to grips with this basic betting idea will help with every advanced betting system or method.

Intermediate bet tips

Building on from the foundations of the betting basics articles are some of the most written about gambling subjects on the internet. This is because many of the topics can be sold to unsuspecting punters as foolproof money makers.

The sellers will have some amazing claims and mesmerising marketing material that will have you typing in your credit card details in no time. Well here’s hoping you found us first, because all that glitters isn’t gold. We’ll tell you about the pitfalls and dubious claims in the below articles.

  • Staking plans – You want more money, right? Well knowing the correct amount of money to bet based on your betting bank and selections helps increase your winnings while minimising the risk of going bust
  • Arbitrage betting – A betting system popular amongst punters due to it being very risk adverse. We tell you everything you need to know about arb betting and let you make up your own mind on whether it’s for you or not.
  • Lay the draw – So many different variations on this simple system it’s impossible to keep up. But most are just fancy ways of blinding you from the underlying fact – “This system can’t turn bad value selections into a profit making system”.

Advanced bet advice

Thankfully using advanced betting systems and strategies doesn’t mean you have to have the IQ of rocket scientist. The maths behind the methods have already been done for you, you don’t have to derive formulas yourself. All you’ll get, in these articles, is actionable advice.

What makes these systems of betting more advanced is the time and effort you’ll need to invest in order to make them profitable. But if you wasn’t serious about making money from punting I guess you wouldn’t have read this far.

  • Knowing when to place an each-way bet – This is key. Many people just blindly tick the each-way option when placing a bet. A bad idea! As each-way betting should only be done under certain conditions.
  • Odds compiling – We have many articles covering this subject. A multitude of bet types are covered across several different sports.
  • Cross market arbing – Stay under the bookmakers risk team radar and use this slightly unconventional arbitrage method.

Of course we can’t list all our articles right here, so take your time and browse through our article topics (via the navigation at the top of the page). There is no such thing as useless knowledge in sports betting. The more you know, the better your chance of turning a profit.

Popular bet types

Below is a “What is” list of the most popular bet types currently on offer at the major bookies. It’s more to be used as a quick reference for the bet types that interest you. I wouldn’t read them all, just click on the ones you’d like more information on. Within each section is a link to a dedicated bet calculator page on that particular bet type, where the maths behind how it works is explained.

What Is A Single Bet?

A single bet, sometimes known as a straight bet, is a bet on a single selection. Single bets are very easy to calculate and are most commonly called win bets. Taking football as an example, let’s imagine that Manchester United have odds of 5/1 to beat Tottenham Hotspurs in an upcoming match. Placing a single bet (or win bet) on Manchester United to win will result in a 5/1 payout. By betting £1, you will receive £6 if Manchester United win, and nothing if they lose or draw. Due to their simplicity, single bets are the most common in the UK. Single bets require high odds in order to give larger returns, so betting on favourites is unlikely to be lucrative when it comes to this bet type.

What Is A Double Bet?

As the name suggests, a double bet is bet on two outcomes. Double bets are simplified forms of multiple bets (bets on more than one outcome). Double bets have better odds (in terms of potential wins) than single bets because they depend on the outcome of two events. Using football as an example again, let’s assume that Arsenal is playing a match against West Ham, and Aston Villa is playing Chelsea. An example double bet will wager that both Arsenal and Chelsea will win. If Arsenal wins, but Chelsea does not, then nothing is paid out (and vice versa). Only if both outcomes are as predicted does the punter get paid. Double bets are, in essence, two single bets which must both be won in order to receive a payout. Double bets are popular during the Premiership football season because matches are often held concurrently.

What Is A Treble Bet?

Treble bets are just like single or double bets, but they rely on 3 outcomes, making them another type of multiple bet.

What Is An Accumulator Bet?

When bets typically depend on four or more outcomes, they become known as accumulator bets. The exact name of this bet changes with respect to the number of selections in play, for example a fourfold accumulator bet has four parts, and a sevenfold accumulator bet has seven parts. In the North American market, an accumulator bet is known as a parlay. Technically, double or treble bets are also types of accumulators, as they depend on more than one outcome, but the term is more commonly used when dealing with more than three events. All outcomes must be correctly predicted to get any payout with an accumulator bet. For this reason, the odds are very lucrative and a low bet of £10 can easily turn into a four-figure return if successful. Subsequently, accumulator bets are popular with sports punters because of the lure of very high returns.

What Is A Trixie Bet?

A trixie bet is a type of full cover bet that is spread over multiple outcomes but requires less wins than single, double, triple and accumulator bets (win bets). With the win bets, an all-or-nothing approach is taken, meaning that unless all outcomes are won, there is no payout. Full cover bets cover a wider range of outcomes, and are therefore a less risky options in some cases. When making a trixie bet, you must select three outcomes (just like with the triple bet), but only two of those outcomes needs to be realised in order to receive payment. For example, let’s say we bet on the outcome of 3 tennis matches at Wimbledon. We predict that Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic with all win their matches, so we place a trixie bet and a separate triple bet on those outcomes. If Federer and Nadal win, but Djokovic loses, the triple bet is voided so we win nothing on that. However, the trixie bet stills wins and we would receive a payout. As you would expect, the odds are less lucrative for trixie bets when compared to triple bets.

What Is A Yankee Bet?

Another type of full cover bet, a yankee bet is placed on a total of eleven outcomes: six doubles, four trebles and a fourfold accumulator. The name “yankee bet” is alleged to derive from an American punter who visited the UK and placed a small bet on multiple outcomes and made a huge return. A yankee bet is paid out when two or more of the individual bets (the doubles, trebles and fourfold accumulator) come true. Due to the odds of this being very unlikely, the payout percentage is very low, but if lucky a small £10 bet can roll into a very large figure.

What Is A Super Yankee Bet?

A super yankee bet is an upscaled version of the yankee: twenty-six different bets comprising of ten doubles, ten trebles, five fourfold accumulators and one fivefold accumulator. When making complicated bets like a super yankee, a betting calculator really becomes essential as working out the odds of every outcome would take hours to do manually. By using the calculator, it is easy to see the difference between each betting type. A super yankee bet is also sometimes known as a Canadian bet.

What Is A Heinz Bet?

Multiple betting gets even more complicated with heinz bets, a type of full cover bet made up of 57 bets (15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfold accumulators, 6 fivefold accumulators and a sixfold accumulator. The name “Heinz” was taken from the famous US baked Bean Company, known for its 57 varieties of food product.

What Is A Super Heinz?

Super Heinz bets consist of 120 bets: 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfold accumulators, 21 fivefold accumulators, 7 sixfold accumulators and a sevenfold accumulator. Super heinz bets are very rare and uncommon in the UK. As another full cover bet type, at least 2 outcomes must win in order to receive a payout. The cost of placing a super heinz bet is high because you must bet on many different outcomes. A good bet calculator is essential when it comes to working out the odds for any super heinz bet.

What Is A Goliath Bet?

Even bigger than the super heinz, a goliath bet is a full cover bet made up of 247 different bets (28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfold accumulators, 56 fivefold accumulators, 28 sixfold accumulators, 8 sevenfold accumulators and an eightfold accumulator. Goliath bets (taking their name from the mythical giant) are even more uncommon than super heinz bets and require a very accurate bet calculator when working out payouts.

What Is A Patent Bet?

A slight variation of the trixie bet, a patent bet is made up of 7 bets (3 singles, 3 doubles and 1 treble). Unlike with the trixie, a patent bet can get a payout if just one of the 7 bets wins.

What Is A Lucky 15 Bet?

A Lucky 15 bet is, as you would expect, a wager made up of 15 bets (4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a fourfold accumulator). The word “lucky” refers to a bonus that bookies often offer on this bet type, paying out an additional odds bonus in the event of certain outcomes. The exact terms will differ so get the statistics straight from your bookmaker before using a bet calculator.

What Is A Lucky 31 Bet?

Yes, you guessed it, a Lucky 31 bet is just like the Lucky 15 explained above, except that it consists of 31 separate bets (5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfold accumulators and 1 fivefold accumulator). Again, payout calculation for Lucky 31 bets is particularly tricky, so the use of a betting calculator is strongly advised before parting with your stake.

What Is A Lucky 63 Bet?

The final bet in the lucky series, the Lucky 63 is a 63-part bet (6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfold accumulator, 6 fivefold accumulators and 1 sixfold accumulator). Another type of full cover bet, selecting just one winner will generate a return on a lucky 63 bet. However, due to the number of bets placed, a single win may not result in a high return. This is where a bet calculator comes in handy.

What Is An Alphabet Bet?

Named after the number of letters in the English alphabet, the alphabet bet is full cover bet with 26 parts – 2 patents (two lots of the following: 3 singles, 3 doubles and 1 treble), 1 yankee (6 doubles, 4 trebles and a fourfold accumulator) and 1 sixfold accumulator. The alphabet option in most betting calculators is necessary in order to accurately work out returns and lucrative wagers. As a full cover bet, only a single selection needs to be accurate in order to win a return.

Our competitors – Other bet calculators you might like.

We’re not scared of a little competition. In fact we thrive on it.

Just like you, we like to see top quality sports betting sites and tools to help us, the punter, beat the bookies. It’s why we created Sports Betting Calculators; and as much as we like to push ourselves to be the best bet calculator and advice website available, we also enjoy it when our competitors push us to be a better site.

We believe that we’re the best bet calculator site available, and are therefore not afraid to advertise our competition. An unusual step as most website would never consider doing this. But we are confident that you’ll think of us as the best site and return to us if you ever need to calculate your bets again. Don’t get us wrong, the competitor sites are good, as are the calculators. It’s just our humble opinion that the Sports Betting Calculators we offer are better. Why? You ask. Here are a few of the reasons.

  • We offer the widest range of bet calculators. No other site compares to the selection you’ll find here. Available calculators include bet type calculators – such as accumulators and lucky 15’s. Staking calculators, like arbitrate, dutching and Kelly criterion calculators. Then odds calculators, these help with converting odds to different odds formats and help with pricing up your own odds.
  • Detailed explanations. Not only do we offer bet calculators, but we also do detailed write ups on each one. Explaining how to best use the calculator and the maths behind how it works.
  • We are more than just a betting calculator site. We have slowly expanded, and now offer a wide range of betting advice articles from writers that have worked many years in the industry, some have written books on gambling, been editors for betting publications, appeared on TV programs giving betting advice and have worked in trading rooms for major bookmakers.

Well that’s enough of blowing our own trumpet, let’s tell you about the best of the rest when it comes to bet calculators.

Bet calculators

The best of our competitors in this category has to be Free Bet Calculator. It works great on both desktop and mobile phones. They allow you to calculate the total stake and profit for a comprehensive range of bets, including some of the more obscure ones like Round Robin and Union Jack bets. On a negative side, it is a very small site with limited information on sports betting. It also doesn’t have any other type of bet calculators more advanced punters would find helpful.

Next up would be Ace Odds, and just like Free Bet Calculator, it is a very nice calculator that is responsive so works well on both desk and mobile. Ace Odds isn’t as user friendly and takes some time getting use to but once you have it will do everything you’ll need. The site has some basic information on the bet types covered. Ace Odds does not provide any other betting advice or other forms of bet calculators.

Staking calculator

Using staking bet calculators is the first step punters take when moving away from betting for fun and taking a more serious approach to gambling. Arb cruncher is a site that helps in this respect. They offer multi-back and multi-lay calculators (generally called Dutching calculators), arbitrage calculators and several more. If you’re looking for a staking calculator you can’t go far wrong with this site. But like many betting calculator sites, Arb Cruncher offers very little advice on how to use their tools or on sports betting in general.

Kelly criterion calculator is one of the staking calculators that Arb Cruncher doesn’t cover. If you’re not happy with our one then the best alternative is this Kelly strategy calculator from Albion research.

Odds calculators

There are many calculators on the internet that will help you to convert odds into different formats and implied probability (two such calculators are from Sporting Life and Odds Converter). This is the most basic form of odds calculators and in all fairness is not used by experienced bettor (except maybe the implied probability section).

More advanced calculators are the ones that help you compile betting odds, and not to be rude to other sites out there, but I don’t think any of them are worth linking to. There are several good resource when it comes to explaining odds compiling but none that also offers you a calculator.

Mobile bet calculator App

Download out bet calculator appWatch most of your sports in a Wi-Fi free zone? No problem. Download our mobile bet calculator for the ability to calculate your bets from anywhere. Currently we have added our Back-Lay calculator, Kelly criterion calc, Dutching calculator and our odds conversion calc. We will add more as time goes by so if you have any requests send us an email and when we get time we’ll do the most popular ones first.

Bet Calculators For Webmasters

Bet calculator widgets

Last but defiantly not least we have a selection of bet calculators available to webmasters of sports betting sites. As we add more calculators to our site we will also make these available to any good quality betting site. Simple click over to our bet calculator widget page for more details

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