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Along with the variety of betting markets come several different bet types. Some of these are so simple and straightforward that novice punters need not even give them a second thought. Others are considerably more complex and need to be studied closely to be understood properly. Although knowledge of all of these terms is not necessary for the overwhelming majority of punters, including those serious about making long-term profits, a general familiarity with the bet types that are available can be a major asset to bettors formulating long-term strategies. Our bet type glossary will explain all the major bet types used around the world.

Why would punters want to make use of these options when straight wagering is much simpler and more straight forward? Well, many don’t. For those who do, these bets are normally used for one of two reasons. Some of these wagers can be used to offer a much greater profit potential from a relatively small wager amount. A successful accumulator, for example, can produce a return several times the size of the original wager.

Others among the bet types listed below are used as a means of hedging bets while still seeking a greater return. In many cases, several bets are made concurrently such that outsized returns can be produced if all or most results go according to the wager. More importantly, though, punters are looking to cover themselves in the event that one or more of their wagers end up losing.

Tread carefully with these wagers and be sure to avoid making them unless and until you fully understand how they work. Some of them are extremely complex, and attempting to memorize all of the terms below at once will surely result in considerable confusion. Study them in progression from top to bottom and from left to right, being careful to avoid confusing the terms. As you go through the bet types, first attempt to understand the terms and then give some consideration to the likelihood that you would make use of the particular type of wager. If you think that you would, study the term carefully until you’re confident that you understand exactly how it works. If you can’t foresee any circumstance under which you’d use the bet type, skip the term and don’t spend your valuable time studying it.

Many a novice punter gets hung up on trying to memorize the various bet types, often at the expense of studying the teams and players taking the field. Don’t let this happen to you. Although familiarizing yourself with the various bet types available is a good idea early on, don’t spend so much time on it that you lose sight of what will really make you money: effective wagering systems and a thorough knowledge of the teams and players involved in the matches. If you choose wagers and bet sizes carefully, you can make money without employing most of these bet types. If you make bad selections, there’s no betting type that can turn you into a winning punter. Keep your priorities in order.

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Types of Bets

Win (Back) Lay Place Show

Exotic Bets Types and Multiples

Multiples Full cover bets Full cover bets with singles Any to Come (ATC) Speciality bets Forcasts
Double Trixie Patent Up-and-Down Union Jack Straight Forcast
Treble Yankee Lucky 15 Round Robin Reversed Forcast
Accumulator Super Yankee Lucky 31 Flag Combination Forcast
Canadian Lucky 63 Super Flag Tricast
Heinz Alphabet Rounder Combination Tricast
Super Heinz Roundabout


A bet that a team or individual will win an event OR a bet that a horse or greyhound will win a race.


A bet against a particular result.


Used primarily in racing, a bet that an entrant will come in second. This bet typically pays a smaller return if the entrant wins, but does not pay a return if the entrant finishes third or below.


Used primarily in racing, a bet that an entrant will come in third. This bet typically pays a smaller return if the entrant wins or places, but it does not pay a return if the entrant finishes fourth or below.


A two-bet accumulator.


A three bet accumulator.


Also frequently called a parlay, a multiple bet option in which all wagers must win (or push) to pay a return. In an accumulator, if the first bet wins, the original bet plus the payout is wagered on the next event. This is repeated for each subsequent event until one loses or all events are complete.


A four-in-one bet on three events. It includes three doubles (one for each combination) and a treble.


A eleven-in-one bet on four events. It includes six doubles, four trebles, and a fourfold accumulator.

Super Yankee

Also known as a Canadian. A twenty-six in one bet on five events. It includes ten doubles, ten trebles, five fourfold accumulators, and a fivefold accumulator.


(see Super Yankee)


A fifty-seven-in-one bet on six events. It includes fifteen doubles, twenty trebles, fifteen fourfold accumulators, six fivefold accumulators, and a sixfold accumulator.


A two hundred forty-seven-in-one bet on eight events. It includes twenty-eight doubles, fifty-six trebles, seventy fourfold accumulators, fifty-six fivefold accumulators, twenty-eight sixfold accumulators, eight sevenfold accumulators, and an eightfold accumulator.


A seven-in-one bet on three events. A Trixie plus three single bets.

Lucky 15

A fifteen-in-one bet on four events. A Yankee plus four single bets.

Lucky 31

A thirty-one-in-one bet on five events. A Super Yankee plus five single bets.

Lucky 63

A sixty-three-in-one bet on six events. A Heinz plus six single bets.


A twenty-six-in-one bet on six different events (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) most often used in horse racing. There are two Patents (fourteen bets): 123 and 456; a Yankee (eleven bets): 2345; a sixfold accumulator, and six single bets.


A four part bet on two events. Two separate bets are placed, one on each event. If a selection wins, the punter is paid the winnings and the original stake is added to the wager on the other event.

Round Robin

A ten-in-one bet on three events. A Trixie plus three up-and-down bets.


A twenty-three-in-one bet on four events. A Yankee plus six up-and-down bets.


A six-in-one bet on three events. Three singles plus three up-and-down bets.


Used primarily in horseracing. A six-in-one bet on three events. It includes three singles and three double stakes about bets, meaning that when a single bet wins and the winnings are greater than the single bet, the original bet gets doubled before being wagered on the second event.

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