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A Goliath calculator for all your Goliath bet calculations

Goliath Calculator

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A Goliath is the mother of all full cover bets, making the Goliath calculator an essential tool for anyone considering placing this type of wager. A Goliath involves 247 bets on a total of eight events. It involves twenty-eight doubles, fifty-six trebles, seventy fourfolds, fifty-six fivefolds, twenty-eight sixfolds, eight sevenfolds, and an eightfold accumulator. To turn a profit with all odds placed at the standard 10/11, the punter would have to correctly choose the outcomes of six of the eight events. Eight correct selections would result in a profit of roughly nineteen and a half times the initial wager.

Given the potentially outsized payouts, punters may be tempted to chase these profits. Doing so blindly, though, is folly. The odds of successfully choosing eight outcomes of two that are approximately equally likely are roughly 0.4%, meaning that the true payout to justify such a wager would be about 256/1 rather than 19/1. It should come as no surprise, then, that bookmakers love this wager.

As with the other full cover calculators here, the Goliath calculator was designed to be used by two sets of punters. The first are the recreational gamblers who consider punting an entertainment expense. The huge payouts provide a lure that is similar to the lottery. As such, these bets should be made primarily for entertainment purposes. Those serious about turning long-term profits should avoid it.

That leads into the second group for whom the Goliath calculator is here. While the odds aren’t quite as bad as the lottery, they’re not much better on a practical level, especially given that the punter needs to be correct on six of the eight wagers, again, assuming 10/11 odds, to turn a profit. The good news is that losses would be minimal with five correct selections. The bad news is that nearly two-thirds of the stake are lost with only four. By comparison, less than five percent of the wager would be lost when four of eight single bets won.

Novice punters who are serious about earning long-term profits but find themselves tempted by the lure of massive payouts can use the Goliath calculator as a measure against their single bets. The wise ones will quickly come to the realization that these wagers can decimate a bankroll. The odds of selecting seven or eight correct picks out of eight are extremely slim, and the odds of those picks just happening to be the ones in your Goliath bet are infinitesimal. If you’re serious about turning a profit, use the Goliath tool to compare your results with straight wagers, doubles, trebles, and smaller full cover bets. This will give you a great opportunity to recognize the dangers associated with Goliath bets.

The true benefit of the Goliath calculator to serious punters, especially novices, is that it makes experimenting, comparing, and contrasting betting strategies extremely easy. There’s no need to calculate the endless combinations of results on your own. Instead, you can simply change a bit of the input data and click “calculate” again. The daunting prospect of doing this on your own would likely prevent you from being able to see for yourself just how much damage Goliath bets can do to your bankroll. With the Goliath calculator, there’s no reason not to investigate for yourself.

So if these bets offer such poor payouts relative to true odds, why do people play them? Well, one answer, as offered above, is entertainment. The other is blind greed. This wager is for punters who have neither the patience nor the discipline to grind out long-term profits by developing, implementing, tweaking, and sticking to a proper staking system. Long-term success in sports betting is entirely dependent upon such discipline, and it should come as no surprise that those who use Goliath bets for purposes that are not recreational, especially if they put significant portions of their bankrolls into them, end up losing money, often a lot of it.

Simply put, there are no short cuts, handshakes, or magic potions that bring you success in sports betting overnight. The Goliath calculator was designed to illustrate that to you far better than any successful punter could because it shows you the numbers for yourself. Use the calculator over an extended period of time before you even consider placing this type of wager. Failure to take the time to do so if you plan to use this option will simply mean that you are among those who will never be successful in sports betting because you don’t have the discipline and patience required for it. We’ve created the tools, and we wish you luck using them.

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