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Lucky 31 Calculator

A Lucky 31 calculator for all your Lucky 31 bet calculations

Lucky 31 Calculator

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Equivalent to a Canadian, a.k.a. Super Yankee, plus five singles, the Lucky 31 consists of thirty-one separate bets on five different events, thus rendering the Lucky 31 calculator a necessity rather than a luxury for those hoping to examine the potential outcomes of their wagers. The thirty-one bets include five singles, ten doubles, ten trebles, five fourfolds and a single fivefold accumulator. On account of the single bets, only one selection must win for the punter to get a return. At standard 10/11 odds, the punter needs to make four winning selections to get a return.

To turn a profit on a Lucky 31, assuming that all odds are 10/11, the punter would have to make four out of five winning selections. Doing so would result in a profit of about 128%. By comparison, were the punter to instead place five single bets and win on four out of the five, his return would be about 71%. The difference is even greater when all five bets win. In the case of five singles all winning, the punter would receive a return of about 91%. In the case of a Lucky 31, though, that return would be approximately 568%, and that is without the all winners bonus that many bookmakers offer, which is normally around 20%. The Lucky 31 calculator can calculate the payouts with or without the bonus, though it always pays to shop around the bookmakers looking for the best payout if you plan to place a Lucky 31 wager.

The other advantage that the punter has with a Lucky 31 is that, as with a Lucky 15, many bookmakers double the odds on the winning wager if only one of the selected outcomes win. Although this does help to limit losses, at 10/11 odds the punter would still lose over 90% of his total stake. This makes roughly a 3% difference.

In spite of these offerings, the odds on Lucky 31 bets still tilt more away from the punter than they would with single bets, especially when the punter employs it several times over the long-term. The reason for this is punters will end up losing more than they would with single bets on outcomes that involve one, two, or three of the wagers winning. Together, those three possibilities occur far more frequently than four or five of the selections winning.

The greatest difference in terms of the profitability comes when two or three of the outcomes win. Again assuming 10/11 odds and level staking, three correct selections result in a 17% profit with five single bets. By comparison, three wins in a Lucky 31 result in a 24% off. In the case of two wins, the loss for the punter with single wagers would be about 24% compared with a loss of 76% in the case of a Lucky 31. Since the odds will typically vary on at least one, sometimes more, of the bets, it pays to employ the Lucky 31 calculator to check the possible outcomes based on the individual events on which you are considering betting.

Although the Lucky 31 calculator can certainly be used just on the day you’re considering placing a wager, serious punters would do well to compare their would-be results on Lucky 31 bets with actual results on the single or smaller multi-bet wagers over a period of time to see whether their win rate is high enough to justify employing this bet over the long-term. It will be the extremely rare punter who would, on close examination, find that his success rate is high enough to justify placing Lucky 31 wagers in anything other than the rarest of circumstances.

A word also needs to be said about using the Lucky 31 calculator to determine the possible outcomes of each way wagers. In these cases, there are 62 different wagers, meaning that figuring out all possible combinations of outcomes would take most people a very long time to figure out using a regular calculator. Due to the variations on whether outcomes win, lose, or place, the Lucky 31 calculator makes this far easier and considerably reduces the likelihood of an error caused by the incorrect entry of information that could easily occur if you decided to figure this out using a regular calculator.

The Lucky 31 bet should generally be used only for recreational purposes. Bookmakers offer bonuses and consolations to encourage punters to choose this option because it is so profitable for them. That should say something quite clearly to those looking for long-term profitability in sports betting.

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