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A Super Heinz calculator for all your Super Heinz bet calculations

Super Heinz Calculator

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The Super Heinz is second only to the Goliath in terms of the number of individual wagers within a single bet, making the Super Heinz calculator a must-use for those considering this type of wager. It offers punters the chance to make 120 separate bets in one. This option features combinations of bets on seven different events, meaning that there are twenty-one doubles, thirty-five trebles, thirty-five fourfolds, twenty-one fivefolds, seven sixfolds, and a single sevenfold accumulator. For a punter to receive a return, at least two selections must be correct. For a punter to earn a profit, assuming 10/11 odds on all wagers, he would need to win on five out of his seven selections, assuming that none of the bets are voided (e.g. a rainout in baseball or a football match with an Asian handicap matching the spread). If all selections won, again assuming 10/11 odds, he would turn a profit roughly thirteen and a half times that of his wager.

Super Heinz bets often scare punters away given the number of bets that are made, but they also offer the punter the chance to turn a respectable profit, 64% at 10/11 odds, by selecting five of the seven outcomes correctly. The flip side of that, however, is that selecting four out of seven correctly results in a loss of nearly half of the stake. By comparison, punters would only need to win four single bets out of the seven to turn roughly an eight percent profit.

Put in perspective, punters need to win 52.4% of their single wagers at 10/11 odds, assuming level stakes, to break even. Anything beyond that is a profit. On seven bets, that means winning four. By contrast, punters who use the Super Heinz wager need to win 71.4% of their bets on any given wager to turn a profit, i.e. five out of seven instead of four. While the payouts are considerably larger when punters correctly pick the outcomes of six or seven of the events involved, the diminished returns and increased losses on those on which 1-5 of their selections win means that the long-term advantage gained by these types of wagers goes heavily in the favor of the bookmakers.

To see the impact that using super Heinz bets rather than single bets has over the long term, track your single bets, including stakes and payouts, as well as the would-be results of super Heinz wagers using this super Heinz calculator whenever you are tempted to play them. If you’re considering using super Heinz wagers as a regular part of your strategy, track this over a longer period of time, as a single odd result can considerably skew results if the sample size is too small. It will likely not take you too many tries to discover that super Heinz wagers are a potentially costly addition to your arsenal.

When, if ever, should you employ super Heinz bets? Most successful punters will tell you that they are sucker bets, but there are two circumstances in which you might want to consider, emphasis on consider, using them. The first is when you have a high degree of confidence in seven results with payouts that you consider much greater than true odds would have them. In these cases, a super Heinz is preferable to a straight accumulator in that it provides a cushion should you lose on one or two of the bets, which is more than likely to happen no matter how confident you are. It allows for the possibility that all bets will come through, but it also offers you a margin of error while still providing a strong profit potential should you be correct on six of the seven bets. Getting six of seven correct is a rarity, so employment of this type of wager should be extremely limited, if it is used at all.

The second time that it would be acceptable to use this is with a smaller than usual stake that you are fully prepared to lose should your wagers not come through. In these cases, the bet would be primarily for recreation rather than the expectation of a profit. Whether you ever place a bet under these conditions depends heavily on how seriously you take the activity. The more serious you are about long-term profits, the less frequently you should use this type of wager.

The super Heinz calculator is here in case you do decide to place these types of wagers. It is also here as a resource if you are considering them and want to see how they would impact your P&L. Be sure to make use of the calculator in several cases when you are tempted to place a super Heinz wager before you use it to actually place one.

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