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An Yankee calculator for all your Yankee bet calculations

Yankee Calculator

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Simply put, don’t place a Yankee bet without first employing the Yankee calculator. Although the math involved in figuring out the potential profit and loss in these wagers is straightforward, it is also extremely cumbersome. It could make for a good fifth grade math problem, but the time it takes to figure it out by hand, or even using a regular calculator, and the potential for error that doing so creates make it a bad idea to try doing this without the help of the Yankee calculator.

A Yankee wager consists of eleven different bets. These are six doubles (A*B, A*C, A*D, B*C, B*D, and C*D), four trebles (A*B*C, A*B*D, A*C*D, and B*C*D), and a four event accumulator (A*B*C*D). With so many potential outcomes, there’s simply no guesstimating the potential payouts for each of the possible variations.

Fortunately, using the Yankee calculator to figure out the various permutations and what they would mean for your bankroll is easy. First, enter either the unit stake or the total stake. Because there are eleven wagers, the total stake would be eleven times the size of the unit stake, which is the bet on each of the individual wagers. Next, enter the odds on each of the outcomes that are part of your planned bet. With the status for each marked “Won”, click “Calculate”. This gives you the maximum possible payout on your wager.

Once you’ve jotted down those calculations from the bottom of the Yankee calculator, change each of the selections to “Lost” one by one, leaving the other three marked as “Won”. Calculate the results for each outcome and note the results as you go. Once you have these numbers, check the calculations with each of the possible combinations of two of the bets winning and two of them losing, e.g. 1 and 2 “Won” and 3 and 4 “Lost”. There is no need to check the outcomes if three or four teams lose, as each of these would cost you your entire wager.

Each way Yankee wagers are all the more complicated as they double the number of individual bets that are part of your wager to twenty-two, making the Yankee calculator absolutely indispensable. To view the potential outcomes, start by going through the same process outlined in the previous two paragraphs. Once you have done that, repeat the process using “Placed” in lieu of “Lost”. Then go through the same process a third time, in this case with the various combinations of “Lost” and “Placed” together.

Upon getting that far, it is time to begin calculating the more complicated combinations. Mark two bets as “Won” and one of the others as “Placed” and calculate. Complete this process for all possible combinations. Then mark two bets as “Won” and the other two as “Placed”, calculating results for each combination. Finally, proceed to process each of the combinations with three bets marked as “Won” and the fourth marked as “Placed”. Then have a drink. You earned it!

Whether you are calculating regular or each way Yankee bets, the Yankee calculator is best used in conjunction with the single bet calculator. While using Yankee bets offers you the chance of higher returns, that possibility comes at the expense of your likelihood of turning a profit. Although it varies based on the odds offered on each of your selections, you will normally have to win three of the bets on a Yankee to turn a profit. When compared with single bets in one instance, that number is actually the same. The major difference, though, is that the losses suffered from choosing only two out of four selections correctly are much greater than they would be had the punter made four single bets.

Yankee bets can be part of a successful punter’s strategy, but they should be used sparingly. Overuse of them can quickly diminish a punter’s bankroll much faster than he might expect. Even profitable bettors go through periods in which they fail to pick mostly winning selections, and such failures are exacerbated by Yankee wagers. Consider that a punter placing four £11 bets at 1.909 would lose just £23 if he lost three of the four wagers while a punter betting a Yankee would lose his entire stake. One time, that hurts. Repeated several times and it decimates a bankroll.

The Yankee calculator is an invaluable tool that can help make sense out of complicated wagers. When using it, be sure to consider how many ways you can lose money rather than just how many ways you can win it. Make sober assessments as to whether the potentially greater profits are worth the substantially greater risk, and use the Yankee calculator with the single bet calculator every time, keeping track of how your profits and losses differ based on your bet selection.

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