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Betting Basics

It can be pretty daunting when starting something new and sports betting more so than most endeavour. Add to this the stress of potentially losing wads of cash, and the emotional rollercoaster experienced when your bet goes in-play, it would be foolhardy not to learn some betting basics.

This beginners betting guide will walk you through all the basics needed to feel confident in tackling the many hurdles novice punters face. And once you decide to tackle the basics of betting you’ll be surprised how quickly you’re able to learn the more advance aspects of betting, how simple the whole concept is, and of course have a lot more fun. As we all know losing all the time in no fun at all.

Knowing where to start is often the problem for new punters, there is so much information and many opinions on the subject. And often reading articles just ends with you being more confused than before you started. This is because the terminology, slang and technical lingo for sports betting is pretty rife. So knowing this, we think it’s best to start our betting basics tutorials with getting you up to speed on all the betting terms.

Memorising all the terms surrounding sports betting isn’t necessary for a beginner, but it is good to have a handy resource available for when you’re stuck. A quick glance over these subjects should be enough for now.

As with all skills in life if you want to succeed and become one of the best a good foundation is paramount. You can jump in and out of the deep end and have a lot of fun doing so, but if you want to reach your true potential you’ll have to work on the fundamentals. Thankfully, unlike a lot of other punters, you have started with a betting basics guide. Starting fresh will mean you haven’t picked up any bad habits, and will start off with a good foundation.

Something a mug punter will never do, and it probably hasn’t even crossed their mind, is to keep records of all your bets. It’s very easy to forget the losses and only remember the wins, keeping a record of every bet eliminates the chance of your brain playing trick on you. It also helps you spot areas where you are strong and area you might want to drop.

The below building blocks are all essential articles to learn if you are serious about your development as a sports bettor. It might be best to bookmark these articles after reading them and then come back to them in a few months to see if you have settled into bad practices.

There is only so much you can cover for betting basics before you need a little more meat on the bones. Naturally we have these articles covered in our other sections, such as betting strategy and betting advice. For now peruse our many “what is” articles describing the basic (some a little more advanced) betting principles and practices.

This set of articles just scratches the surface of what you can learn with sports betting. But an understanding of all these betting basics now means you have the skill set to move on in whichever direction that you get the most enjoyment from.