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What is a Lucky 15 bet

Lucky 15 bets fall in to the category of “Full cover bet with singles”. It consists of four selections, combined into 15 separate bets. One four fold, 4 trebles, 6 doubles and being a full cover bet with singles you also have 4 single bets. Lucky 15’s are also the equivalent of a Yankee bet but with singles. Our lucky 15 calculator will also help with bets involving each-way, rule 4 and dead heat lucky 15s

Lucky 15 bets were given their name due to the concessions and bonuses given. If you are lucky enough to have your Lucky 15 have all four selections win, most bookies will add to the luck and give an extra 10% on top of your winnings. Similarly, if you are unlucky and have only one winner, it is common practice to double the odds of that selection. Making you, the punter, feel a little bit lucky.

Bookies that offer Lucky 15 betting

Lucky 15 bets are predominately a bet enjoyed by British gamblers and you will therefore find it on offer with all of the major British bookmakers. With the internet bringing gamblers from all over the world to a bookmaker’s door, many European and other worldwide bookies will now offer this bet type in order to attract British punters to bet with them.

With Lucky 15’s a lot of the older more traditional bookies offer bonuses and consolations and it would be silly not to take advantage of these if planning to place a lucky 15. The standard promotion is to offer double odds if you only have one winning selections and a 10% bonus if all four selections win. These bonuses are often only offered for bets on Horse racing and greyhound bets, but some bookies push their lucky 15 bonus beyond the normal. Here are some recommended lucky 15 offers.

Betfred lucky 15 calculator Betfred is the bookie that has pushed the Lucky 15 offer the furthest from the norm. If your lucky 15 is on horse racing or the greyhounds they will treble your odds if you only have one winner. They have also extended the standard double odds and 10% bonus and concession to all other sports. Which means betfred should be your first port of call if you like to place lucky 15 bets. Here are the main points from their terms and conditions about lucky 15 betting.

4. Bonus Payments
3. Lucky 15/31/63 and Yankee, Canadian, Heinz bets on horses and greyhound racing:
4. Treble odds to one winner on Lucky 15s with no other return on the bet.
7. 10% bonus to all-correct Lucky 15/Yankee bets.
14. Lucky 15/31/63 and Yankee, Canadian, Heinz bets on other sports:
15. Double odds to one winner on Lucky 15/31/63 bets with no other return on the bet
16. 10% bonus to all-correct Lucky 15/Yankee bets.

Ladbrokes lucky 15 calculator Ladbrokes is another bookie that offers more than the standard bonus. They have added an extra couple of football betting bet types to be included in their lucky 15 bonuses. The bonuses and consolations are also available on correct score, first goalscorer and half-time/fulltime bets

William Hill lucky 15 calculator Paddy Power lucky 15 calculator Stan James lucky 15 calculatorSeveral other bookies offer the standard lucky 15 bonuses and consolations, William hill, paddy power and stan james being some of the best

Lucky 15 calculations 

When calculating a Lucky 15, and other full cover bets with singles, most people do this in a very cumbersome manner. Normally working out each of the separate bets and then adding them together. With a lucky 15 this would require you to calculate 15 separate bets to add together. This is time consuming and unnecessary. Think back to your days in maths class and you will remember your teacher drilling into you the skills of multiplying out the brackets to solve equations. Well with this skill we come up with a very user friendly formula.

(A + 1)(B + 1)(C + 1)(D + 1)

As you can see if you multiple of the brackets you will end up with the equation

ABCD + ABC + ABD + ACD + BCD + AB + AC + AD + BC + BD + CD + A + B + C + D + 1

This is almost exactly the equation used by the people that do the maths the long way. The only difference is the + 1 on the end. Therefore we just need to minus one from our user friendly formula. Giving us

((A + 1)(B + 1)(C + 1)(D + 1)) – 1 = Winnings

Where A, B, C and D are the decimal odds from each of the 4 selections in the lucky 15.

Example of how our lucky 15 calculator works

The easiest example of a lucky 15 calculation is that of one where all four selections win. Also to make the first example extremely easy, this bet will be placed at a bookie that gives decimal odds and there will be no other complications such as each-way betting, or rule 4 calculations. We will also bet just one unit stake.

The four winners have odds of 4.0, 4.0, 6.0 and 9.0. Now all we have to do is insert one of these numbers into one of the bracketed sections in the lucky 15 equation.

((4.0 + 1)(4.0 + 1)(6.0 + 1)(9.0 + 1)) – 1 = 1749

Now if you enter these numbers into the lucky 15 calculator you will see this is the correct total return. You will also now appreciate how much quicker this is compared to working out all 15 bets individually and adding them together. This equation gives the total returned money, if you wanted to know the total profit you’d also have to subtract the originally stake. In this example of betting 1 unit stake we’d subtract a total of 15 (one unit stake x the fifteen bets). Therefore the total profit would be 1734. Again you can check with our lucky 15 calculator above to see this.

Other recommended lucky 15 sites

As with everything on the internet, there are many good resources on lucky 15 bets. A couple of other lucky 15 calculator you might like if you’re not a fan of ours is Ace Odds and

For some basic information you might like Sports Betting Online and if lucky 15 tips is what you’re looking for you have Free racing tips (if you have a site you like please let us know in the comments section). Below is a nice youtube video on how to place a lucky 15 bet.