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Treble Bet Calculator

Treble bet Calculator Contents

What is a treble bet

A treble bet is an accumulator bet with three selections. The bet is that all three selections will win, and is normally seen as three single bets, with the winnings from one selection rolling over to be a single bet on the second selection and then third selection. All three choices must win for the punter to get a return.

Bookies that offer treble betting

With a treble bet being a simple accumulator you’ll find virtually every bookie that offers fixed odds betting will let you have this bet. Some Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges don’t but on the whole you will not have a problem placing a treble bet.

Treble bets are a favourite bet type for bookies to offer what they normally call enhanced trebles, these are normally with a selection of teams the bookmaker have picked themselves. They are defiantly something worth looking into when thinking of having a treble bet as they are normally chosen from the three biggest games of the day. Several bookies will also offer a bonus on winning trebles. This is a percentage bonus and your extra winnings will depend on the price of your original selections. Here are some recommended bookies.

Titan Bet Treble betting Youwin Treble betting Bet365 Treble betting
TitanBet, Youwin, and bet365 are three excellent bookies that offer a percentage bonus on selected trebles. Titanbet offers a mammoth 10% on top tier European football, while bet365 offer a very generous 5% on several sports from major football leagues, selected basketball leagues and American football to name a few.

Betfair Treble betting Paddy Power Treble betting
For enhanced trebles some of the better bookmakers for this are BetVictor, Betfair and Paddy Power. Sometimes the only way to take advantage of there more impressive offers is to follow them on social media, with twitter being the best of the mediums.

BetVictor Treble bet calculator Pinnacle Treble bet calculator SBOBet Treble bet calculator
On many other occasions you’d be wise to look at one of the bookies whose game plan is blow the others out the water with low margin books (meaning higher risk for the bookie), such as BetVictor, Pinnacle and SBOBet.

Treble calculations

To calculate the winnings returned from a Treble bet is pretty simple. Just multiple all the decimal odds together and then multiply this by the amount you bet.

Maths to calculate a winning Treble

(odds1 x odds2 x odds3) x Stake = Winnings

To work out each-way treble bets you will have to do like you would for any multiple bet and treat it as two separate bet. One for the win portion of the bet and one for the place portion.

Example of how our Treble Bet calculator works

Using the formula from the calculations section you’ll see it’s very simple to work out a treble bet without having a betting calculator available. As long as you are comfortable with multiplication you’ll find you never need a treble calculator again (of course this is only true if there are no extra complications such as each-way betting, rule 4 or dead heat calculations).

The maths in this example is for a £5 win only treble where the selections are priced at 3.2, 5.5 and 10. With this information all that needs doing is to multiply the decimal odds together and multiple this with the stake bet.

(3.2 x 5.5 x 10) x 5 = 880

This means your total return from the bet in this example is £880 and as this money also covers your original stake total profit is £875.